Why is it helpful to use mobile our mobile phones for live betting?

Times are changing and people are changing too. Financial constraints have forced people to open their eyes and try other means from which they can earn extra cash to support themselves and their family at large. Money is never enough. However it is important to have enough money to cater for all your bill. Unfortunately you cannot depend only on the amount you earn at the end of every month courtesy of your job. If you have thought about another source of income, then am here to give a hint on how you can increase your income by following just a few simple procedures.

Mobile Live BettingAm talking about sports betting. Did you know that you can make a lot of cash from betting? Well, I believe now you know. There are many ways to bet. This includes live betting. You only need a good Internet access to place your bet. You do not need to go to the venue since you can place your bet at the comfort of your home. Depending on the betting site, one can use a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone to bet. All of this are good options but let’s have a quick look at mobile betting and its importance.

Mobile betting is when you place your betting by using a mobile phone. Not all betting sites support this option. However most of them support mobile betting because of the advantages it has in terms of efficiency and reliable services. Statistics have revealed that betting sites that support mobile betting have the highest number of users. Below are some of the reasons that make mobile betting a better option for most users.

You can bet from anywhere

It is very rare to leave your phone behind even when you are going to a supermarket, a bar, or at any other place. Imagine a situation where you need to carry your desktop in order to bet. A mobile phone is more portable and easy to carry. Therefore you can easily place a bet from anywhere. You do not have to wait until you get home.

It is fast

Mobile betting involves easy and simple procedures. There are only few simple procedures to follow. This way you can place your bet even few minutes to time because it is fast. Unlike other betting options, there are no long and tiresome queues for mobile betting.

You can bet at anytime

Why do have to wait until the last minute to place your bet? With mobile betting, you can bet at any time. Whether at night or during day time. All you need to do is log in to your betting account.

In other words, mobile betting is more convenient compared to all the other betting options. You can never find any better option that compares to mobile betting.

Mobile Betting with Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of the leading bookmakers in Ireland. It was founded in the year 1988 after three bookmakers with a common interest merged 40 shops. The company operates both offline and online. While offline, the company has a number of betting shops which are licensed through which they conduct their business. It also offers users an opportunity to place their bets online. For many years Paddy Power has been working to improve the quality of their services towards their customers. Recently the company signed a contract with Mobenga, a leading Irish mobile solution provider. Mobenga and Paddy Power have worked together to ensure they provide their users with a mobile application that helps mobile users to easily place their bet. PaddyPowerThe application has a quick log in feature that offers quick and easy access to a user’s Paddy Power account. It has also been designed with a section for live betting which provides automated message updates for most sporting events that are televised. This is an interesting way to keep yourself updated with every activity in the sporting event even when you are not watching. The application also includes a simple interface from the main menu which links one to a famous sporting event. How could I forget to mention the modular format that the application has been designed with? Good news is that the modular format offers you a chance to expand the modules as well as other additional features such as contents services and games. An interesting thing concerning Paddy Power mobile app is that it appears same in all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an Android, iPhone or even a windows phone; the app maintains its appearance. Therefore it is very easy to use the mobile app on any phone. One can also use the app on a tablet too. This makes it more convenient for tablet users too. One can easily research bets and stay on the same page while using the Paddy Power mobile app. If you exit the app, you can always go back to the previous page. Paddy Power mobile application is an amazing betting app that allows users to bet using WIFI or even 3G Internet. It has a great speed; this is why it has been ranked top among all other mobile betting applications. Users who place a bet of more than 1 pound are able to live stream a horse race. Users are also given a 50 pounds free betting bonus when they register to this mobile application.


How to get the Paddy Power Mobile App?

It is fast and easy. Just go to the Paddy Power mobile homepage and then add it to your home screen. It will then appear as application. You can also choose to book mark the mobile homepage which allows you to access the mobile app at any time. Please note that this application is not downloadable. However it is a mobile optimized site that runs as premium on any mobile phone.

Play Mobile with Bet365

Bet 365 is among the world’s leading betting companies. As a legal gambling company, Bet 365 is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Bet 365 is committed to attracting more users and have introduced a mobile betting option that allows users to place their bets by use of their phones or tablets. This is more convenient because betters do not have to carry laptops, or look for the nearest cyber while they are away from their desktops. The company has a mobile application that is easy to install and supports Android operating system as well as iOS. The application also runs on Blackberry and Windows phones. Since the year 2012 to 2014, bet365 mobile app has been voted the Betting app of the year. This mobile application is completely free of charge and can be downloaded on any Android phone, iPhone and tablet. Betters have an opportunity to place their bets both on pre-event as well as in-play. The app has a number of interesting features which betters enjoy experiencing.

The most attractive feature of the mobile application is that it offers betters a quick access to all the in-play markets. Betters have a quick glance of all the current in-play events including the scores by simply touching a button. Most betters do not prefer mobile betting apps that are difficult to use. Unlike other apps, the bet 365 mobile betting app is easy to use and involves simple procedures that guide betters as they place their bets.

Betters have also an opportunity to live video stream during in play events. A recent study indicated that bet 365 mobile app streams about 40, 000 live sporting events every year. In order to access the live video stream, betters are required to fund their Bet 365 accounts or place a bet 24 hours prior to the event. It is easy to view the video, all you need is to log in and navigate to the sport homepage where you will simply click on the watch icon. As much not all events are streamed live, the mobile app updates users on all the upcoming sporting events. The bet 365 mobile app is similar to their website. It also appears nicely fit on the screen of your phone or tablet. Even though the application has millions of users across the globe, there is no congestion which might reduce the speed of the app.

Before you place a bet on bet 365 using their mobile app, you are required to deposit a minimum of 20 US dollars in your betting account. Betters receive 100 percent bonuses on initial deposits. Current customers also receive the ‘on the move’ bonus when they place their first qualifying bet using the app. Some of the sporting events that betters can place their bets on bet 365 include soccer, basketball, and horse racing. Users are advised to check whether the price promises and guarantees apply before they place their bets.